Beyond Vision has been successfully providing offshore development services for past few years and has served a lot of clients with different sizes.Here are short descriptions of some of the projects that we have successfully developed and implemented mainly on .Net platform

Bespoke CRM


A bespoke customer relationship management system is developed which works from lead management and quotes to sale/purchase orders and after sales support. A help desk system is developed to work with contracts, manages customer visits and logs support calls.

Transactions are integrated with Sage 50 Accounts.

Executive dashboards & reports developed to monitor KPIs.


Fleet Management System

Sym IT Solutions

A multi-tenant system is developed to manage fleet management companies that provides pick and drop service to patients.

System manages drivers, vehicles and their maintenance and driver payroll etc.

Heart of the system revolves around the assignments (pick and drop of customers). The list of assignments is provided by Logisticare API (an organization resides in USA which provides pick and drop facility to patients of different hospitals). Assignments are then assigned automatically among drivers using a complex algorithm which runs on the basis of Pickup location, Drop Off location, time and other factors. Assignments can also be re-assigned manually.

Drivers login to their portal using Android / IOS mobile application. In the app he can view all his assignments on daily basis, give feedback against assignments, view announcements from company, communicate with company, and also submits his daily attendance.


Inventory Management System and POS for cellular dealer

Mas Communications

A multi-store and multi-vendor web based application is developed for mobile phone dealers in USA. The application is connected to various mobile carriers via their API and connects with smart card readers and tilts. It processes employee payroll and commissions, tracks inventory and provides CRM features.


Loan Management System

 | Burhani Qardan Hasana Trust

We have developed a multi-tenant system for an Islamic community who provides Qardan Hasana (interest free loans) to community members across the globe.

System manages from loan applications to processing and approval to completion of formalities, disbursement of loans and subsequent repayments. System is integrated with many external systems via APIs and accepts online payments in different countries for loan disbursement and repayments.

System also handles multi-currency and financial accounting aspects managed via roles and rights system.

A mobile app is also developed and published for Android and IOS market to mainly send push notifications, track application statuses and perform other aspects of the process cycle.


Online Theatre Booking System

 | |

Online theatre ticket booking systems are developed for an agent who sells tickets for London theatres, other attractions and meal deals offered by restaurants. Dynamic theatres and shows can be created with seating plans and tickets etc. Majority of London theatres are now connected directly via API to the system. Customer can see exact seating plan and book a seat of his choice.

System holds all bookings in a shopping basket and checkout via multiple payment processors is available including paypal and all major cards. Promotions can be organized and Dashboards available to monitor KPIs

Mobile apps on Android and IOS platforms are also developed to provide same end to end ticket booking experience to customers.


Property Management System

Fakhri Trade Centre

A multi-tenant, multi-company system, handling complex roles and permissions is being developed to cater a client who owns and manages multiple type of properties in Pakistan. System manages from customers to complex contract scenarios, all type of rent and utility billings and talks to their external financial application via API integration.

System also provides customer facing portal where they keep track of their accounts, post and track complaints etc.


Shopping Carts


One of the leading UK retail supplier asked us to develop their bespoke online shopping experience to cater for b2c and b2b customers. They can apply for a business account and request credit limit. Upon approval, system manages their credit accounts.

Customer can choose to shop via online payment methods as well. All standard cart functionality available on the project.

The system is fully integrated with their CRM and SAGE 50 accounting system.


This client is selling trendy jewelry in US and Pakistan markets. Apart from standard shopping cart features, we have developed additional modules for buying gold jewelry from their customers in exchange for new jewelry.


We have developed integration with vendor APIs to pull product data on a periodic basis. System automatically updates content and images and raises purchase orders to vendors upon order confirmation. All other standard cart facilities are available on this project.


A leading fashion giant chosen us to build their online shopping experience to cater for their market. All standard shopping cart features developed along with social media integration and custom reporting as per their requirement.


Tour Operator Management System


A Tour Operator Management System is developed for a Pakistan based tour operator who mainly works among community members. A website publishes packages, user registers via 2 factor authentication and applies for the tour package. System generates a bank chalan and user pays. Bank notifies of the payment automatically and system moves forward with other formalities. At each stage of interaction, it keeps customers in the loop via emails and SMSs. System keep tracks of all receipts and expenses, send follow-up emails and manages their online email marketing campaigns.


University Management System

An Islamic university with 4 branches and a head office, situated across three countries, assigned the task to develop their entire system on cloud to unify their existing offline software spread across all branches.

System caters to students, teachers, university staff, head office staff, parents and alumni for all their activities including but not limited to admission, teachers, courses, attendance, payroll, exams/assessment, hostel etc.

A mobile app is also developed for teachers to apply and manage their leaves, announcements, profile and dashboards etc. Various third party integrations are done to pull data from external systems.


Online Courses Management System

 | Greenspark Mafia

This project is for vegans. They provide dietary plans and conduct courses which help people to live a healthy life. People register to their site and become part of their portal as a member.

The software consists of admin portal and a member portal. Admin creates membership plans, creates sessions, create classes in that session, then assignments and tests for each class. Member registers in one of the membership plan, where he/she becomes part of one session. All the members of this session conduct classes weekly and submit their assignments and attend tests. Members also share their ideas with each other. They perform all their activities using their member portal.


Multi-store SAAS product

 | MEL Sales

A multi-company, multi-store SAAS product is developed by Beyond Vision for franchises of in the USA market.

It keeps record and track all the orders invoices carried out with the franchise on a daily basis. The company is managing multiple stores and track record of their sales, creating commission structure, employee’s attendance, employee’s payroll. Reports for both managers and Sales Team. All associates have their separate login and perform their respective operations according to their role.


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Note: Beyond Vision is situated in South Asia and mainly into IT outsourcing and does development works for software houses and IT companies in the UK/USA and at Elance. According to the nature of NDA signed between these partners, we are unable to disclose some client identities